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Before applying for your practical driving test you must obtain a provisional driving licence and then pass your combined Theory/Hazard Perception tests.

You may apply for your driving licence before your 17th birthday but please bear in mind that it will not become valid until you have reached your 17th AND physically received the licence. Your licence will also be required to undertake your Theory test. To order your licence online please click on the DVLA logo below.

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The UK Driving test was first introduced 70 years ago and has undergone a lot of changes over the years. The Driving standards agency now conduct about 1.3 million tests a year, and there are 1,635 driving examiners working in the UK.

To pass the driving test you must not commit no more than 15 driver faults (minor), or one serious or dangerous fault (major). Nearly 10 people die on our roads every day so all of us who are involved in the driver training industry are very committed to reducing that number.

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