Frequently Asked Questions

Driving Schools in Telford
telford driving schools

How do I know we are any good?

You don't, yet. That's why I suggest you get a lesson from us. Just get in touch, tell us you've seen our web site and want a lesson. No problem.

Will you pick me up and drop me off?

Yes, at home, school, work, your mate's house, whatever. Especially if you give me warning and don't spring it on me at the last minute!

Will I have to be ready early, or be late back?

Well, there's always traffic! If I'm early, I'll wait for you if necessary. If I'm a few minutes late, you still get your full time. If I'm badly held up, we'll do a deal you agree is fair. But you will not be expected to be ready to be picked up by the previous pupil half way through their lesson, or to start your lesson with the last pupil sitting in the back, and you will not be expected to sit in the back after your lesson until it suits the next pupil to take you home. For the duration of your lesson, you will be the only pupil in the car.

Will you help with my Theory Test?

Yes. I'll bring a laptop computer to practice the tests, and I'll advise you on how to go about learning it all. Relax, it's not that difficult!

telford driving lessons

What sort of car have you got?

It's a New Hyundai i20 and Suzuki Alto, comfortable, and easy to drive.

How many lessons will I need?

I don't know. The DVSA recommend 45 hours on average (The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive), but I would attempt to get you through as soon as possible based on your experience and aptitude, and your desire to succeed. Younger drivers tend to learn faster - perhaps 35 hours. Having a methodical mind helps, and so do good co-ordination and good spacial awareness. If you want to find out, come and have a couple of lessons, and then I'll be able to give you a reasonable estimate.

What happens on the day of my test?

I'll pick you up an hour early. Make sure the car is perfectly adjusted for you. Settle your nerves (you won''t have many, because by then you will be quite confident). Have a last practice. Answer your last questions. Get you to the test centre in good time. Afterwards, drive you home. You'll pay me for two hours - the lesson before the test, and the use of my car for the second hour. No extras - some instructors charge a higher price, some charge for "insurance" - I include it.

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