Pass Plus

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Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their skills and drive more safely.

It can be taken at any time although it should be most useful to new drivers in the year after passing their test.

You’ll need a Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor (ADI) to teach you.

Pass Plus
You've passed your driving test and can''t wait to get your own car, right? Well the Pass Plus scheme can save you a load of cash when it comes to car insurance, approximately the equivelant of 1 years no claims bonus (about 35%). Say you get a car insurance quote for £1000 per year, with Pass Plus you''ll save about £350!

Along with saving you money I believe the Pass Plus scheme will make you more prepared and more confident to deal with a lot of situations you have yet to come across. The insurance companies won''t give you these kind of discounts for nothing!

The Pass Plus course consists of 6 modules:

  • In town
  • In all weather
  • Out of town
  • At night
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways

Note: There is no test to take at the end.

So ask your instructor if they are Pass Plus registered and get started straight away! Remember you have to complete the Pass Plus scheme within the first 12 months of having your full licence.

For more details visit the Pass Plus website

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